Sunday, 26 June 2016

Zvezda Ural truck

I made one of the Zvezda Urals up over the last week. Its a lovely little model which went together very well with no glue, its pushfit assembly, however I will glue this one together to make sure it stays that way. The detail is the best I've seen on one of their kits so I'm hoping they do more post ww2 stuff like Bmp 1s, M113s etc
Here's a few pictures, I'll start with the box artwork.
The kit consists of 2 sprues

A few pics of the assembled truck

The canopy can be fitted or removed as it isn't really necessary to glue it in place.
Hopefully this week I'll get a second one made then put them in the queue for painting eventually. I'll gradually work my way through the boxes of stuff waiting for the paintbrush.

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