Sci Fi

I recently aquired an old warhammer type game from a local recycling centre. The figures are a bit basic but hopefully I will be able to do something with them when I get a bit of time. Heres a few pics to start with.
A dreadnought
I have 5 or 6 of these. I've drilled the gun barrels and added texture to the base. Now to think of a colour scheme for it

Early space marines

There are quite a few of these plus a couple of heavy weapons.  They are all moulded in bright red, yellow or blue but with a bit of paint look not too bad.

Its behind you!
My 7 year old daughter seems to have an interest in these so maybe later we can make some simple rules and have a game. Also included in the box is around 20 basic tyrannid creatures and 15 or so Chaos marines.

Some Robogear

I did a bit of clearing out in the shed yesterday and uncovered these hiding away at the back. They are from a russian game called robogear which used to be marketed in the UK by Airfix. I bought a few sets cheap in a clearance sale but most of it still remains unmade.


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