Sunday, 28 October 2012

1:144 aircraft and more Zvezda

This last week I had a delivery of 12 1:144 aircraft. These are from Revell and although I haven't made any of them yet they look ok and shouldn't take too long to make, each consisting af around 10 - 15 parts. The kits include Typhoons, tempest, Spitfire and Hurricanes for the allies with a Me 109, Fw 190 and a Stuka for the Germans but I don't know if Stukas saw any action over Normandy so I probably won't do anything with this.
I also received 2 Sd.kfz 222 armoured cars and 2 more opel blitz trucks. These are  more Zvezda kits.
I will post photos once I get round to making these

Another purchase is this book which has some good photos in it, however the text is the same for each section. It covers the painting of 3 Panthers, one in winter camouflage, one in 3 colour and one in an ambush scheme. There are also 2 tigers, 1 Hummel and 1 Sdkfz.251 1/2 track.

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