Saturday, 14 July 2012

Im having a bit of a sortout at home as my daughter is moving into the spare room and my wife is having my daughters bedroom to use as a massage / beauty treatment room. This leaves me with nowhere to make models or do my business paperwork so it looks like I will be moving to the garden shed. While moving some boxes I came across my old collection of 15mm metal models that I bought some time ago with a view to gaming modern african. They are all in need of a good clean and repainting and if anyone can recommend a good paint stripper for white metal it would be appreciated. (the paint is mostly acrylics).
Here are a few pics

This is most of the vehicle models. There are a few more such as landrovers, Unimogs and a couple of Panhard armoured cars.

These YPRs are from QRF models. I was going to make a Dutch UN force using some Israeli figures. The transfers were homemade using a thermal transfer printer which I'm trying to get working again to make some WW2 transfers.

These Bedfords are very old. I have 7 of them and they are actually British army veterans having been used by the RCT for planning. The bottoms of these are starting to rot away now so will maybe have to rebuild them later

While my main focus is on my WW2 stuff I will do bits to these as a break from time to time.

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